Farm Fantasy 2 (MOD money increased)

Farm Fantasy: Ein Tag in der Magierstadt
Farm Fantasy: Ein Tag in der Magierstadt

The magic is in the air! Grow enchanted crops on your farm: hay, mandrake, four leaf clover, Halloween pumpkin…
Pet and take care of the fantastic animals: phoenix, dragons and unicorns.
Meet your new neighbors – wizards and witches from near township, like Albus and Lina. And learn sorcery!
In the wonderful workshops You can produce potions, spells and wands. Also make magic clothes and scrolls. Develop your mine and search for treasures every day!
With the help of the griffin send orders around the magic world: from the differentes enchanted villages to schools of wizardry.
Encounter charmed beasts: make friends with snow yeti and trolls!
Enlist your own friends to create a network with magic markers.
Live your own adventures: help to the mermaid and discover the mystery of the flying ship!
Dive in the world of wizardry and fantasy!
If you are bored with deadly game genres, go to Farm Fantasy: Happy Magic Day in Wizard Harry Town, a lightweight game with a peaceful life. Here, you are portrayed as one of the powerful witches, who owns a magical farm under the town of Harry Town. Introducing a bit about Harry Town, this is a town of witches, where legendary creatures are made and raised like dragons, phoenixes, unicorns and even ghosts. The game is released by Foranj, a well-known game publisher in the farm genre. And Happy Magic Day in Wizard Harry Town is a new upgrade, there are new improvements, after the version of “Happy village near small city and town”. Thanks for the valuable comments from the community of players, the game is getting better and getting more positive reviews.

Simple, familiar game of farm game titles

Buy and grow magic seedlings until you have enough time. You will reap the fruits that your long hard work hard. The system will notify you and your job at this point you just touch the farm; they will automatically be harvested with a certain amount of experience will store in your inventory. As your level grows, you will be able to buy more items in the store, and your farm will also be expanded so that you will get richer each day.